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Our Services

Since 1991, residents of Springfield, Illinois have relied on Illini Septic and Sewer, Inc. to provide septic, sewer, and grease removal services in their homes and businesses throughout the community.  Owners Bill Huston and Dominic Palazzolo are capital city natives who work along with their family to provide the best septic and sewer service in the greater Springfield area.  Our technicians receive training through a yearly continuing education program and Illini Septic and Sewer, Inc is licensed and bonded through the state of Illinois with the IDPH Private Sewage Disposal Contractor License.

Illini Septic and Sewer is the area’s largest septic system installation company.  Our experience offers customers many advantages including our ability to purchase the best products at reasonable prices.  We only work with the best manufacturers who make reliable products proven to work well for years to come.  We stay current on the latest technologies so you receive a quality system installed by an experienced crew at a reasonable price point.  Illini Septic and Sewer is committed to work just as hard after the installation to keep our customers happy and their systems working properly.


  • Cleaning and pumping tanks
  • Septic tank installation: Includes initial consultation with the customer, excavation of the septic field, installation of new system, and clean-up.
  • Aeration sewage system installation
  • Septic system service contracts
  • Septic system repairs
  • Pipe and vent service


  • Home or business repairs
  • Accurate detection of problems with camera technology
  • Tree root removal
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Unclogging storm drains and pipes
  • Replacing lines and pipes
  • Real estate septic and sewer inspections


If you own a restaurant or bar, you may find yourself without time to pump your grease trap.  However, failing to properly pump your grease traps can lead to hefty fines.  Illini Septic and Sewer offers a routine grease trap pumping schedule and we can take care of all necessary disposal as we follow all regulations for draining, pumping and cleaning your grease traps.  Contact Us to learn more about grease removal contracts.